Set Up your Board!

Choose simple clear photographs in a square format. Faces should have a happy expression. Images should be from the more distant past as opposed to the immediate past.

Parents or grandparents, wedding photos, their childhood home, a favorite pet, favorite vacation spots. siblings and children… anything that will trigger happy thoughts.

Front side

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Drag and Drop

Your 9 images onto the position where you would like to have it appear.

You can use our advance image editor to crop, rotate, resize, flip, draw, apply filters & more!

We just require images larger than 500 x 500 pixels for printing purposes.

Back side

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add a Description

Enter the text you would like to see on the back of the matching individual cards.

Up to 3 lines (50 characters), to name the person or place in the photo.

The Window Board can be
displayed on a desk or table
and the cards can be used as
matching game components .

Peter's Window
kit - 12"PVC

$ 55

9 photographs personally chosen
& Set of durable matching
cards with description
  • Shared profits with the

    Alzheimer's Research Foundation of America.
Fund Raiser

Peter was a lifelong friend of Carolyn’s.  She came up with the idea for Peter’s Window after watching him struggle with the effects of early onset Alzheimer’s.  It is designed to be a way family members near and far can share memories with their loved ones and help their care givers at the same time.

When she mentioned it to her friend, Sam, he immediately jumped on board.

Carolyn has spent her life exploring many erstwhile careers:  tv producer, writer, lecturer, gardening consultant, floral designer…all fun!

Sam has been working in Post Production as a digital graphic artist and animator. Specializing in Motion Graphics and Print, he is now moving into the world of Online commerce and digital media.

Together they hope that Peter’s Window brings joy to those living through memory loss.