How it works

You choose nine photographs to download to us. They should be simple and clear, preferably from the distant past, not too recent, and in a square format. Faces should have happy expressions.

Suggestions of what to include: parents or grandparents, wedding photos, childhood homes, favorite pets, recurring vacation spots, children, hobby projects…anything that you think will trigger happy thoughts.

How to set up your window

Front side

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Drag and Drop

Drag and drop nine photos into the grid.

Be sure they are larger than 500 x 500 pixels.  Our website will let you know if they are not.

Arrange them as you want them seen.

Using the pencil icon you can crop, enlarge, color correct, add filters or draw on top of each photo.

Back side

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add a Description

Enter the text you would like to see on the back of the matching individual cards.

You may use up to 50 characters on up to three lines of text to identify the person, place or item in the photo.

Peter's Window

$ 55

Your Peter’s Window kit includes:
  • 9 personally chosen photographs laminated on a lightweight but durable 12” x 12” PVC board
  • 9 matching photo cards with
    identifying description on the back
  • Carrying bag for the cards & personal note
  • A portion of the profits
    will be shared with the
    Alzheimer's Research
    Foundation of America.
Fund Raiser
The Window Board can be
displayed on a desk or table
and the cards can be used as
matching game components .

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